Monday, April 23, 2012

Washington Park Arboretum in Spring

Seattle in spring is a beautiful thing.

On this past sunny Saturday, we visited the Washington Park Arboretum to stop and smell the flowers.

and appreciate the trees...

and take close-up pics of nature...

and check out the Japanese Garden...


and hike the trails...

and marvel at the magnolias.

Then we drove through the city... look kids! Mt. Rainier!


to a neighborhood we'd never visited before - Georgetown - because Erik wanted to check out the legendary Fantagraphics book store, said to publish the best comics in the world.

Erik was in heaven. While he browsed, the kids and I kept busy with a vintage coin press machine in the middle of the store - you could press 32 letters around an aluminum coin.The other half of the store sold oldskool records. The comic graphics and stacked vinyl and retro do-it-yourself souvenir machine made for a not-your-run-of-the-mill shopping experience. Then we went across the street and had a happy hour dinner at Via Tribunali.

The 4 of us split three delicious mini pizzas, a prosciutto plate, and a hazelnut calzone. That plus drinks came to around $45. Sweet!

I would like to thank the sunshine for making this excursion possible.

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