Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mmmm... Pretzels.

Forgive my recent month-long absence, I haven't been blogging about our outs and abouts because we've been busy settling in to our new home and schools.  No more hotel for us, we're residents! We even got our new driver's licenses the other day, so we're real Washingtonians now. I'm happy to say our boxes are all unpacked, our internet and cable and washer and dryer are hooked up, and we're finally living the life we were waiting for all summer. It feels good.

Last weekend, we did an impromptu excursion to Squak Mountain State Park in nearby Issaquah. One of the trails in the park is the Pretzel Tree Interpretative Trail, a short, easy, family-friendly hike with storyboards to stop and read along the way.

The story involves a field mouse in search of the famous "pretzel tree." Along the way he meets several woodland creatures and learns about the inner working of the forest.

You get to imagine yourself taking the same route he's taking to see the pretzel tree.

This is the point where you turn around and look up and viola! The pretzel tree!

We were expecting more the Bavarian variety, you know, like this:

On the way out Sage said this tree looked more like a pretzel...


 a moldy pretzel. Ahh, we kid, we kid. It was a lovely story and stroll through the woods, despite the lack of dipping sauces.
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