Saturday, January 8, 2011

Space Needle!

Of course I can't have a blog about outings in Seattle without documenting a trip to the Space Needle.

We took my parents there the day before New Years eve. I had two buy-one-get-one-free holiday special passes I had gotten from Starbucks (and so did lots of other people, hence the long line). Then, while we were waiting to purchase our tickets, some lady came out of nowhere and handed my white-haired dad a free "senior" ticket she wasn't going to use, so all 6 of us got tickets for the price of two!  The only thing better than that was the fact that it was a rare clear (albeit cold) day. Check out this awesome view we had of the Puget Sound, downtown Seattle and Mount Rainier:

That was worth the 45 minute wait to get on the elevator. So was this sunset over the sound:

Here's my east coast parents way up in the Pacific Northwest sky:

And Sage and McKenna enjoying a snack.

I walked around the deck and took pictures of the surrounding sights.

This is Lake Washington, our neck of the city.

And here is the Space Needle at night:

And here is the Space needle on New Years Eve:

Okay, we weren't really there in person to see these fireworks, but we watched them on t.v. (and I snapped this picture. Hooray for HD!). 

Every city should have an odd shaped structure to admire, it makes the landscape much more interesting.
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